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Welcome to TalkApolis – Nashville.

Welcome to TalkApolis – Nashville.

Social media delivered video focused on local topics. Current shows include: Music Business Week, Music Business Today, Emerging Artists, Nashville Beauty and Health Roundup, and The Entrepreneurial Mind with Dr. Jeff Cornwall.

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Player 2 Player ::Brad Hopkins and Derick Mason

Ex Titan's Brad Hopkins and Derick Mason talk sports with an emphasis on Nashville teams. View All

Breaking Business ::Hosted by Jeff Cornwall and Chris Sloan

Focus on Nashville's emerging business ecosystem with Dr. Jeff Cornwall and Chris Sloan. Premiers January 10th View more

Music Business Week :: Legendary Label Head Joe Galante Pt 1

Hosted by Kane Harrison View more

Nashville's Best ::Michael Spurgeon from Fidelity Motors

Fidelity Motors has a great collection of hand picked cars. View All

The Entrepreneurial Mind ::Chris Sloan talks technology

Hosted by Dr. Jeff Cornwall View

Nashville Fitness and Beauty Roundup::

Host Zane Griggs View more

Nashville's Best :: Eye Surgeon Dr. Ming Wang

Dr. Wang's patient sees herself for first time. View All

Nashville Fitness and Beauty Roundup::

Host Zane Griggs View more

The Entrepreneurial Mind ::Rex Hammock Talks Digital Marketing

Hosted by Dr. Jeff Cornwall See All

Untimely: Hosted by Vicky Podis Jacobs and TJ Cates

Explore how different people grieve the loss of those we love. Vicky has compiled 30 hours of interviews with people who've suffered untimely death.

The Entrepreneurial Mind ::Susannah Herring talks Yoga

Hosted by Dr. Jeff Cornwall View

Latest Episodes

Film Reviews: Music City Cinema Drama. Each show TJ Cates and Selena Polgardy will cover the good, the bad, and the ugly in the entertainment business.
Too often, neuropathy goes either misdiagnosed or undiagnosed, sometimes for years on end. Dr.
By using the Talkapolis system, lead generation has never been easier or more effective. Users see content on Facebook, where there is a link to click.
Clinic Director Russell Mashburn of The Wellness Institute talks with Kane Harrison about alternative types of treatment for issues like ADHD and Neuropathy.
Finally there is alternative to prescription medication to aid in the treatment of ADHD, ADD and OCD, don't miss this LIMITED TREATMENT OFFER.
One of the early Belmont students to graduate in Audio Engineering, Ben Cooper has given it all of his entrepreneurial mettle to make it in Nashville's cutthroat music business.
Dr Robert Mashburn of The Wellness Institute explains where Field Control Therapy (FCT) came from, and its advantages over the more traditional prescription based medical care.
An overview of what The Lipman Group real estate show would look like.
The Passion for Fashion event was covered TJ Cates, host of Nashville Entertainment, along with producer Matt Thomson. The event was held to benefit the Boot Straps Foundation.
FoxyCart co-founder Luke Stokes talks with Dr. Jeff Cornwall about utilizing people from around the world in order to build his business.
Spring Hill Seminar February 2nd ::No More Reading Glasses (or distance) with advanced 3D Laser: Dr Wang explains Advanced 3D Surgery Corrects Most Vision Problems :: Seating is very limited ::RSVP LI
Advanced Laser Lasik Corrects Vision Problems without sticking a blade in your eye : Do not have a Lasik procedure until Dr. Wang's vision seminar on February 2nd in Spring Hill.
Nashville Casting Couch with TJ Cates. This is not your mama's late night talk show. This is a collection of crazy from the first day in the new studio.
An overview of what The Lipman Group real estate show would look like.
An overview of The Lipman Group advertised on Facebook, with backend statistics.
Floyd DePalma of DePalma Studios talks about his entrepreneurial journey that started in the Army, and has wound its way to Nashville.
2014 Innovator of the Year, Dr. Turner Nashe, runs the company Innertainment Delivery Systems, which works to further the education of incarcerated people, and leads to lower rate of recidivism.
If Your Experiencing Pain, Burning, Numbness, Tingling or Pins & Needles In Your Hands Or Feet Don't Miss This FREE Seminar On Peripheral Neuropathy - Hurry Seating is very limited : To RSVP
Songstress Mandy Brooke stops by the studio to talk with TJ Cates before playing her song "Once"
Award-winning musician Lockwood Barr chats with TJ Cates before diving into her song "Silent Hearted" at Talkapolis studios.

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