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Introducing The 5th Wave In Laser Eye Procedures - Reading Glasses 


Dr. Ming Wang is at the forefront of laser eye treatments for those who are suffering from presbyopia -- near distance vision problems.


Wang Vision Institute offers two solutions for the need for reading glasses which will at some point affect 100% of the population between 40 and 65.


1. Kamra Inlay

2. Forever Young Lens



This month only, book your complimentary consultation and receive a certificate for 35% off KAMRA Inlay $3900 (normally $6,000) or Forever Young Lens.

How KAMRA Works



This inlay is an ultra-thin bio-compatible ring that is placed into a single eye to reverse age-related dependency on reading glasses.


There are 4 main reasons why Dr. Wang feels the KAMRA Inlay is a safe and viable option for the correction of near vision:


  • The KAMRA inlay corrects vision at both intermediate and near.
  • The KAMRA inlay does not have an adverse effect on uncorrected distance vision.
  • The KAMRA inlay does not require modification as years pass allowing for the uninterrupted correction of near vision for years to come.
  • The KAMRA inlay is completely reversible.


The KAMRA Inlay is implanted into the first layer of the eye. The same laser that is commonly used in the popular LASIK procedure is used for the KAMRA Inlay. The design and precise placement of the inlay allows for only focused rays of light to enter the pupil, thus creating a greatly enhanced depth of focus.


If you have problems with both distance and near vision Dr. Wang can combine your KAMRA procedure with a safe custom LASIK thus addressing vision concerns at all distances.



How Forever Young Lens Works


The Forever Young Lens is the definitive solution for most vision problems. It fixes the need for reading glasses and distance glasses. It also prevents and/or cures cataracts permanently.


Isn’t it time to look and feel younger? Find out if 5th Wave Procedures are right for you.


If you’re between the ages of 40 – 60 and tired of the hassle of reading glasses, click BOOK NOW to schedule a no obligation consultation to see if KAMRA or Forever Young Lens are right for you.


Trust your eyes to best. Dr. Wang has over 20 years of experience and has performed over 55,000 vision correction procedures.


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