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What is TalkApolis?
TalkApolis connects patients seeking elective procedures to the doctor that is right for them.
Why choose Dr. Whitaker?
Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker brings to her patients the benefits of a world-class education combined with unparalleled experience. Having performed thousand of facial procedures including over 4000 facelifts alone, she is one of the most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeons, not just in Atlanta, but the entire country. Dr. Whitaker partners with her patients in creating a plan to enhance their appearance while emphasizing a natural result. She understands that the ideal outcome is looking “your personal best” not like a “different person”.
What is the PrecisionLift?
The PrecisionLift uses laser and heat technology to improve your jawline and neck contour. The result is fat reduction under the chin and of the jowls with tightening of the overlying skin with minimal downtime and recovery.
How long does the PrecisionLift take?
The PrecisionLift procedure is a 1 hour minimally invasive facial procedure that offers a faster recovery time than traditional lift procedures.
Am I a candidate for the PrecisionLift?
The procedure is most suited for most people over the age of 18. 
People in their 40’s and 50’s benefit from the facial contouring effects combined with skin tightening to achieve the maximum improvement in face and neck contour possible without skin excision.
Younger patients in their 20’s and 30’s who were candidates for traditional chin liposuction, can now experience the added benefit of skin tightening to significantly enhance the neck contour results. The procedure can have a significant impact for younger patients with hereditary fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. 
Where can I see before and afters?
The video above features the dramatic results of the PrecisionLift.
Do I have to go under general anesthesia?
No. The procedure can be done with local anesthesia or mild sedation. 
What is the recovery time?
Recovery time varies greatly for every patient. However, this revolutionary procedure has very minimal downtime compared to other lift procedures.
How much does the consultation cost?
The consultation is free to attend, if you book through TalkApolis.
How much does the procedure cost?
The PrecisionLift procedures start at $3,000 with the online only discount through TalkApolis. There is no obligation or payment required for attending your complimentary consultation. 
Does Dr. Whitaker off other facial procedures?
Dr. Whitaker offers a wide variety of facial rejuvenation procedures. Book your complimentary consultation here, and she will be happy to discuss all of your options with you.
Where is Dr. Whitaker located?
3200 Cobb Galleria Pkwy #205, Atlanta, GA 30339
Still have questions? Book your complimentary consultation, and Dr. Whitaker will be happy to answer all your concerns and questions.

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