The Wellness Institute

Our business was established in 2005, after Dr. Mashburn spent 3 years of studying how to lose weight and keep it off permanently. After 50,000 flight miles visiting weight loss clinics around the world, we put together a program that is aimed at getting the patient healthy so they can lose weight permanently using natural methods. We discarded the old standard of "lose weight to get healthy" and adapted a new approach of "let's get healthy to lose weight". It has worked tremendously. The patients get the benefit of two things, not only do they get healthy, but they also lose unwanted fat. We have hundreds of testimonials, not only about weight loss but about totally improved overall health. That is why we approach weight loss physically and metabolically. As time has passed, we have continued to study and improve our program with drastic results no one else is getting. As I said before, we are concerned about improving the patients health so that the body gets rid of the fat which we consider excessive fat tissue as a symptom.