Nashvilles Best Interview Overview

It’s a unique way to promulgate a message using social media. Your interview is the message, and it’s done in a relaxed and conversational fashion that builds trust. This is the closest thing to word of mouth and motivates people to choose you.

To deliver daily video to over 160,000 locals via Facebook, we partner with large follow pages like “I Love Nashville” (95,000 followers) and Hot Yoga Plus (4,000  engaged Facebook users) among others. We’re actually managing the content on these pages and have had over 4 million views since October 2012.

The price is for the interview and 2 promos is only $290 (normally $395) if you book it and come in prior to December 13th. Our restaurant and retail clients are booking everything for the week prior to Christmas and we want to use next few weeks to develop new clients.

We can promote your video 4 times a month for 10 months for $140 a month ($35 each). For coming in the next two weeks, we’ll give you the first month of promos free, so you save over $300 by taking advantage of our down time.

I think you should consider letting up manage the videos posted to your Facebook page.  We can post them to those who follow you on a set schedule and a number of other very cool things.

We manage the video for Susannah Herring from Hot Yoga Plus.  She did several episodes and we taped her instructors.  She has collectively had 750 Facebook Likes. She's also received over 48,200 video views.

By doing a simple interview, you get to:

* Make your story personal * Tell the audience why you’re church is special and what to expect *   * Reach 160,000 viewers in mid-Tennessee * Create a more intimate and in-depth ad than a :30 TV commercial * Reach more people -- actual viewers -- than a :30 TV ad on local news

The whole interview process can usually be done in 30 minutes. We edit in your digital assets -- e.g. photos and other videos during and after the interview.

With twice the Facebook engagement of the Tennessean and Scene combined, our videos are returned and ranked highly in Google searches. They are not classified as ads and Google likes having video in its results.