Tuesday September 25th

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T-Swift, Apple Music, and Christmas!
The Top 10 most covered Christmas songs of all time! Kane and Hannah bring you a very special Music Business Today Christmas Episode.
Ways to bring home the bacon
Kane and Hannah discuss some ways for independent artists to make money and more.
Contracts of Music Production
In this episode, Kane and Hannah discuss the not so glamorous side of contracts and the legal side of music production.
Has the internet changed how we produce music?
Kane Harrison and Hannah Jackson talk about how the internet has changed the making of music, as well as give practical information on music productio
What are the A&R heads at the labels looking for?
In this episode, Kane and Hannah take us through an extensive list of requirements that labels look for when considering an artist for a development d
Marketing, branding, risks and rewards
Kane Harrison and Hanna Jackson talk about the risks and rewards within the music business, and how to approach marketing, branding, and artists devel
Artist Development According to ASCAP and The Big Music Project
Let's begin a look in depth into Artist Development. Today we'll see what ASCAP and The Big Music Project are saying about it.
Sync licensing, Music for film and television, and song placement
Hannah Jackson and Kane Harrison give us tips for getting your songs placed in film and television.
Angels Like Rebels, Hidden Money in Radio, and more!
Angels Like Rebels, The Hidden Money In Radio (…except radio is dying), and more today on Music Business Today! Like our page for more music news h
Spotify, Jay-Z, and Sony Merger
Music Business Today:: Kane Harrison and Hannah Jackson bring you the music news.
Monday, November 9th, 2015
Music Business Today:: Taylor Swift is being sued (again), get better Metal Mixes, Musicians On Call for the holidays, and much more.
Music Business Today-11/3/15
Music Business Today:: Kane Harrison and Hannah Jackson are back with Music Business Today.