You can run through a cornfield, but you can't hide

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Smashing Pumpkins And Horses Gone Wild!
Today we have the frightful celebrity mug of the week, the most recent bad teacher in the news, all the biggest local crime stories and SKIPS you can
Funkadelic Facebook Dates
Today we have George Clinton’s mugshot, a facebook date gone wrong, and a your chance to earn hundreds to thousands of dollars and bring local skip t
You can run through a cornfield, but you can't hide
Today we have Janis Joplin’s Mugshot, local crimes in and around Nashville, and your chance to earn hundreds to thousands of dollars!
Meth Labs and Misbehavin' Bishops
Mt. Zion Baptist preacher faces sex lawsuit, Meth Lab discovered in Fairview, and your chance to earn some extra cash for turning in perps on the run!
Beauty Queens and Christmas Cash
Greta and Brian have more mugz this week - featuring celebrities in trouble, Black Friday drama, bad teachers, and bail skips that you can help bring
Uncharted Territory
Greta and Brian reveal this week's bad teacher, Chamique Holdsclaw's poor decision, and give YOU the opportunity to earn $100,000!
Ferris Wheels & Prowlers
More of Nashville's crazy criminal antics- from Shaun White back in Tennessee to Carnival Kia madness!
Homeless Babysitters Club
Greta and Fella out the creeps and report on local idiots, teachers with addictions, and classic celebrity mugshots!
Episode 1: Run Doodle Run
Greta and Big Fella tell us about a Nashville criminal who commited 9 felonies in 3 hours, Jane Fonda and James Brown celebrity mugshots, Bengals Che
Bad Teacher- Pilot
Bad Teacher- Pilot
Greta and Fella launch Mugshotz, a show dedicated to highlighting Nashville's scandalous side!