Introducing 2-way and mass texting capabilities to our Client Dashboard.

We send and receive hundreds of text messages per day. As you can imagine this can get out of control very quickly. Our new custom SMS interface is a great way to quickly, easily and efficiently communicate with patients. It also allows for visibility within our organization to see what is being sent, and when it is being sent.

We have many different options for text messaging. We can enter single or multiple phone numbers manually, upload a CSV, and the most advanced capability -- allows us to mass text all persons that have submitted one of our online forms with the click of a button.

We can select a name and send a text to a person that RSVP’d for this particular seminar or we can send a message to everyone that signed up for the seminar. Simply choose or paste a template, and press send.

We can check for responses , and see responses in real-time. We can respond instantly through the system.

This two way communication is extremely important for increasing the show-up rate for seminars and direct signups. We send so many texts and get a tremendous amount of questions everyday. This system allows us to communicate quickly and efficiently, and thus decrease No-Shows and increase attendance.

If we have some appointment times open up we can ask if people would like to be notified if an earlier time opens up. So, we always have a pool of people that are eager to come to their appointment. The SMS interface is a great way to fill cancellations.