Pay Per Results Marketing

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TalkApolis has the ability to offer seminars to our clients. The seminars have the function of bringing together groups of potential customers.  Acting as a 'sales funnel' the seminar allows the client to focus on a particular subject, or service that they offer. This is accomplished through strategic use of the TalkApolis systems and its social media reach group.


The seminar is used to familiarize the customer more extensively with the product or service the client offers . The client also has the ability to interact with the consumer helping to build trust, assurance and value into the client's brand, product and service.



Lead Generation

Grow your list of potential customers with TalkApolis lead generation. Our platform enables you to receive qualified leads that are most likely to purchase your product or services.


By specifically targeting customers with needs and demographics that match your services, we can provide you with a list of potential clients in real-time.



Online Scheduling / Consultations

Talkapolis works closely with clients to ensure the online scheduling process is seamless for both the staff and the consumers buy working with the client's current appointment scheduling system, privacy needs and legal requirements.


Often we are able to fill 'no shows' which can be very costly downtime for a client managing employees. All leads come for campaigns generated for the client in a particular area they specialize in. Potential customers are qualified within the guidelines supplied by the client before an appointment is scheduled. This process in completely handled and organized by Talkapolis. 



Online Comment Management

Online Comment Management (OCM) has become a key aspect for business growth across the board. TalkApolis has developed technology and processes that enable comment threads across all facebook pages and online review sites, that are relevant to the client, to be monitored and reported on. This is an integral part to maximising the campaigns over success.


Social Campaigns

The TalkApolis systems allow us to target campaigns on behalf of the client and the product or service they are providing. We have the ability to target consumers in accordance to the clients needs. Targeting may consist of geographical location, age, sex, interests and consumer  behaviors among other things.


The TalkApolis system has the advantage of both running and monitoring a number of different and continuous online campaigns at any given time. This process allows us to find the most successful and relatable message through video and direct links to a site. Data is then collected and processes are implemented increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall campaign and maximizing its results.  Campaigns are run at peak times of facebook consumption which can be outside of normal business hours, this proves invaluable to clients wanting to reach an audience they may not have been able to reach prior to engaging TalkApolis. Once the user is engaged in the campaign they are directed through to an online form and information is collected specific to the clients needs.