Social Campaigns 

The TalkApolis systems allow us to target campaigns on behalf of the client and the product or service they are providing. We have the ability to target consumers in accordance to the clients needs. Targeting may consist of geographical location, age, sex, interests and consumer  behaviors among other things.

The TalkApolis system has the advantage of both running and monitoring a number of different and continuous online campaigns at any given time. This process allows us to find the most successful and relatable message through video and direct links to a site. Data is then collected and processes are implemented increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall campaign and maximizing its results.  Campaigns are run at peak times of facebook consumption which can be outside of normal business hours, this proves invaluable to clients wanting to reach an audience they may not have been able to reach prior to engaging TalkApolis. Once the user is engaged in the campaign they are directed through to an online form and information is collected specific to the clients needs.

The very nature of social media allows TalkApolis to send a message or directive to a particular audience that may never have heard the client's message before, we call this 'The Tangential Effect'. Although there is a vast array of information online for the consumer the online search process can prove detrimental to the business owner supplying the service because if its specific nature. An example of this might be as follows-
A vein surgeon may set up all of the business's online strategy and SEO (search engine optimization) to focus around those that have shown an interest in varicose veins and tired, aching legs so the business owner is relying on the consumer to search for those results, but by doing that they and missing out on tangential nature of social media. Talkapolis can place this information in front of consumers who may have sore legs and vein problems but have never been targeted because of the way traditional advertising and online search systems tend to work.

During our campaigns we often find a new group of consumers our client may not have had the ability to market to, this can be because it is assumed that this market did not need the product or service and has never been market to.  We gather this data and are able to strategize with our clients to put this information to best practice.

In addition to this TalkApolis has the ability to segregate a market geographically which has proven to be the most cost effective way to convert new consumers as the message or directive can be tailored to a particular location specifically. In the past businesses have had to take a 'shotgun' approach to advertising and marketing by sending message to an entire market rather than have a focused and targeted campaign.