Talkapolis Seminars 

TalkApolis has the ability to offer seminars to our clients. The seminars have the function of bringing together groups of potential customers.  Acting as a 'sales funnel' the seminar allows the client to focus on a particular subject, or service that they offer. This is accomplished through strategic use of the TalkApolis systems and its social media reach group.

The seminar is used to familiarize the customer more extensively with the product or service the client offers . The client also has the ability to interact with the consumer helping to build trust, assurance and value into the client's brand, product and service.

The TalkApolis seminars are designed for and executed through social media and Google. Carefully crafted messages and directives are delivered through video and links that are designed to attract the exact customer our client is looking for. Targeting may consist of geographical location, age, sex, interests and consumer behaviors among other things. This process requires algorithmic precision and is orchestrated to maximize results.

After the consumer has engaged in the campaign they are qualified in accordance with our clients specifications and offered a place at the seminar of which they must confirm. The TalkApolis Seminar Systems have proven to be up to 5 times more effective than traditional seminar advertising models.

Upcoming Seminars

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