Direct Online Booking and Appointment Scheduling

In addition to our ability to drive consumers into a seminar we can also use specific campaigns to book clients directly.  Direct client bookings can also be a byproduct of a seminar campaign.  We have found that some online consumers know what they want and or perhaps are online out of normal business hours, these consumers want to book an appointment and continue to move the process forward. We can accommodate those people with our online scheduling system.

Talkapolis works closely with clients to ensure the online scheduling process is seamless for both the staff and the consumers buy working with the client's current appointment scheduling system, privacy needs and legal requirements.

Often we are able to fill 'no shows' which can be very costly downtime for a client managing employees. All leads come for campaigns generated for the client in a particular area they specialize in. Potential customers are qualified within the guidelines supplied by the client before an appointment is scheduled. This process in completely handled and organised by Talkapolis. With our 'black box' approach the client will be notified that the designated appointment time has been filled, and the client will know that a qualified customer will be attending the appointment and all of the required customer information is forwarded to the client for the customers arrival.