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Introducing The Next Generation In Near Vision 


The KAMRA Inlay is a revolutionary new solution to eliminate the need for reading glasses. KAMRA is a tiny disc that is implanted into the first few layers of a single eye, giving you better reading vision while maintaining your distance vision. 

World-renowned Manhattan eye surgeon, Martin Fox, MD, has been selected by AcuFocus (manufacturers of the KAMRA™ inlay) to introduce this breakthrough technology the greater New York City and surrounding areas.

Dr. Fox is New York's leader and most experienced in KAMRA. Best results-- 98% of patients say they would do KAMRA again or recommend it to friends and family. 


There are 4 main reasons why Dr. Fox feels the KAMRA Inlay is a safe and viable option for the correction of near vision:

1. The KAMRA inlay corrects vision at both intermediate and near.

2. The KAMRA inlay does not have an adverse effect on uncorrected distance vision.

3. The KAMRA inlay does not require modification as years pass allowing for the uninterrupted correction of near vision for years to come.

4. The KAMRA inlay is completely reversible.

KAMRA/LASIK Surgery Procedure by Dr. Martin Fox of OMNI Aesthetic MD


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