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Dr. Michael Keil LASIK


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Dr. Michael Keil LASIK

Dr. Keil offers the most advanced blade-less LASIK solutions for glasses and contacts. The procedure is safe and only takes 15-minutes to perform. Begin life without glasses today. 
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Dr. Michael Keil

Why I Chose To Be A Lasik Doctor - Dr. Michael Keil


Dr. Michael Keil is the most experienced LASIK surgeon in Western Michigan. With his long and highly successful career as a Lasik surgeon and having performed over 9,000 surgeries, he is ranked as one of Michigan’s most experienced. As such, professionals such as firefighters, law-enforcement, doctors and media personalities have sought out Dr. Keil to perform their Lasik procedure.

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  • You must be 18 years of age or older to qualify for this online offer.
  • This offer is for an elective procedure, not covered by insurance.
  • The $600 discount is only available by booking your appointment through TalkApolis.
  • Medical conditions such as glaucoma, histoplasmosis, keratoconus, strabismus, macular degeneration, optic nerve disease, retinal detachment, or cataracts may disqualify you from elective procedures.