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Local personalized care in Vancouver and Beaverton, Will Vision and Laser Center is one of the premier Northwest Coast ophthalmology practices dedicated to offering superior eye care services to protect and improve the vision quality of our patients.


Enjoy life glasses and contacts free, with a simple 15-minute procedure. Dr. Brian Will uses the fastest, safest and most precise vision technology available.




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Dr. Brian Will


Today, laser vision correction provides people with an unprecedented opportunity to experience life to the fullest without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses. That personal freedom is best obtained by choice rather than chance. That’s why it is important for patients to choose a surgeon they can trust.


So what sets Dr. Will apart from his peers? Why is he one of the most trusted surgeons in the world? We could mention Dr. Will’s personal extensive refractive surgery experience of over 65,000 laser vision procedures; his mission of using only state-of-the-art technology – a commitment unparalleled in the Pacific Northwest; or his accolades, professional honors and his international and industry recognition as an expert in the field of laser vision correction.


But what truly distinguishes Dr. Will from his peers that thousands of patients trust his judgment and is his passion for personal vision perfection.  Dr. Will is committed to the goal of having his patients experience better vision and quality of life after their procedure than they have every experienced before with even their best glasses or contact lenses. He is unwilling to compromise this high standard under any circumstances – making him one of the most trusted eye surgeons in the field of refractive surgery.


That expectation demands that Dr. Will invest all of his talents and resources into his patients; it demands that he secure only the most advanced vision technologies in the world; and it demands that he personally ensure that each patient experiences their personal best vision.  Dr. Will’s patient-first passion doesn’t just drive him; it propels him towards that goal of creating a lifetime of amazing clear vision for every patient – it is his purpose for being.

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