This is the ad-set level, where we get to choose our audience.

As we determined earlier, this ad is getting the most RSVPs from Mobile devices. I could narrow it down to iPhone or Android, but I am just going to leave it at both.

In this video example you can see that we are wanting Facebook to optimize this ad for complete registrations, or RSVPs. This means that facebook will first serve this ad to people who are most likely to RSVP for the event.

We can also get more detailed with the targeting and go after people with certain interests or even choose income brackets. For a high-end procedure like 3D Laser Forever Young Lens, we might want to exclude lower income households.

Another thing to consider when refining your targeting are results based on Men or Women and age groups. You may have to run an ad for a few days or weeks, before gathering enough data to make changes based on this.

Check out more in the video example below.