We have three basic types of ads.

Direct Links (or picture ads that link to a landing page) Carousel Ads which are very cool because it allows the user to be hands on with the ad. It can also tell them a story in an interactive way and of course the video Ad. Which is my favorite way to get information to people

Each ad has a call to action, whether it be learn more, sign up, book now, etc. I use Learn More if I think the ad needs to go to a landing page. Our landing pages have come a long way in the past year. You can watch a video at the top. And the body of the page gives the user all the information they need to know that this product is right for them.

Now some potential customers may skeptical. So we have very recently implemented the live comment scroll. The comment scroll shows live, POSITIVE COMMENTS, and we can even categories them to be procedure specific. For example this is a cataract/ Forever Young Lens ad. So the majority of the comments are going to be relevant to this.

This is still new to us, so we are still undecided on which part of the page is best to place the comment scrolls. The top? The Bottom? The middle? We would love to have your input on this.

From this point, the potential customer can click RSVP at any point in time with the sticky bar at the top. The majority of users see our ads on Mobile, and they may need that extra push to get them to the finish line. So, we have placed the comment scroll once again on the form. Which if you are a skeptic, you can click through and see that these are real people.

Now the potential customer can fill out this brief form, and we have achieved 1 more RSVP for the seminar.