The TalkApolis Patient Check in system is a dedicated iPad and stand that allows our patients to easily check-in when they arrive for their appointment.

The system comes fully set up and ready to use, and is remotely administered by TalkApolis. We have been running this system for many months with our large accounts with mutually favorable outcomes.

It’s design is unintrusive and user friendly.

Upon arrival, the patient fills out a brief form that verifies them as a TalkApolis patient by pairing their email address and phone number with our database

It provides many benefits to our clients and to us. Aside from lowering the administrative work for the office staff, the check-in system also lowers the pressure of the internal sales team by reinstating qualifications set by the client in the initial talkapolis online screening process.

It works as a gentle reminder to the patient of what was agreed upon in the online qualification process.

Once the patient submits the check-in form, data is instantly transmitted back to the facebook campaign associated with the client. This lets the marketing interface know that we have successfully had a conversion as a direct result from a particular campaign. This is extremely important for us, because our bidding strategy in facebook is set up to bid on qualified patients who are most likely to show up to their consultation.

Therefore, our ads automatically become more refined as patients use our check-in systems at our client’s offices.

The TalkApolis Patient Check-In System allows us to better optimize of all processes associated with bringing qualified patients to our clients.