No More Glasses or Cataracts

Dr. Ming Wang's modern laser cataract surgery can restore your youthful vision and eliminate the need for glasses -- near & distance. Book a complimentary evaluation and receive a certificate for 25% Off. Starts at $1,500 for qualified patients with the online savings.


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Dr. Ming Wang | Laser Cataract Surgery

Most cataract surgery is covered by insurance however there is an elective portion for laser surgery. Do not have a cataract operation until you see Dr. Wang. You can only have the operation once. Unlike other cataract procedures, Dr. Wang's Forever Young Lens for cataracts fixes distance and near vision problems and gets rid of cataracts.
Dr. Ming Wang (Harvard & MIT, MD, magna cum laude; PhD Laser Physics) was Tennessee's first eye surgeon to utilize this breakthrough technology. His office is located downtown Nashville, TN.