20/20 Vision in 20 Minutes | Limited Availability

Dr. Wang is offering a very limited number of free consultation times this month only for his "20/20 Vision in 20 Minutes" procedure. Schedule online here and receive the special price of $149/month for a limited time only. If you have night vision, distance vision problems, or are tired of wearing glasses or contacts then Dr. Wang’s 20/20 in 20 will help you.

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Dr. Ming Wang | Wang Vision Institute

Dr. Ming Wang is a uniquely qualified corneal refractive surgeon. He holds a Harvard Medical School and MIT degree (magna cum laude, 1991) as well as a doctoral degree in laser physics.
The "20/20 in 20"  procedure is done in as less than 20 minutes. The procedure is safe and non-invasive. Book you complementary consultation here and be free of your distance glasses and contacts.