No More Glasses | Dr. Wang Seminar in Winchester

Dr. Wang comes to Winchester on Monday, February 15th at 7:00 PM to explain how modern laser cataract surgery can restore your youthful vision and eliminate the need for glasses -- near & distance.  All attendees save $1200. RSVP to validate savings certificates.
Most cataract surgery is covered by insurance however there is an elective portion for laser surgery. Do not have a cataract operation until you hear Dr. Wang’s Seminar. You can only have the operation once. Unlike other cataract procedures, Dr. Wang's Forever Young Lens fixes distance and near vision problems and gets rid of cataracts.

Nashville Health and Wellness : Cataract Seminar Video - WVI

Seminar Attendance Incentive

This seminar has a special attendance incentive. If you bring two guests, you get a certificate good for 50% off any 3D Laser procedure, also transferrable. RSVP to confirm your email to validate the savings certificate. Everyone who attends will get certificates to save $1200 including a free eye exam.
DATE:: Monday, February 15th at 7:00 PM
LOCATION:: Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, 44 Chamber Way, Winchester, TN 37398