My mom had hers done here & they are amazing....This procedure is a great gift also.....
22 September at 1:44pm
Dr. Marvel has been in the Nashville area for 20 years and does wonderful work.
9 September at 6:43am
I did the laser liposuction and it took 1 inch off in a,7 minute treatment. They take pics, measure, treatment then measure again. I do think it works.
27 November at 11:05pm
Its been 5 months since he done mine and I'm so in love with them I didn't have alot lol he is an Awesome Doctor and there staff is wonderful I recommend anyone to him and I don't have to have them done again for 20 years!!!!😀
15 October at 8:52pm
Dr. Marvel is AWESOME. Great guy and doctor! Melinda is great as well!
18 September at 9:07pm
He does awesome work...:)
18 May at 7:07pm
He really is a Good Doctor
16 May at 10:49pm
he is wonderful and not pushy. I went to 3 and he was cheapest and so so nice
1 June at 3:41pm
He has 2 locations. Marvel Cosmetic Surgery is the name of the business. He has one in downtown and one in Tullahoma. Tell them I sent you! 😉
2 April at 8:44pm
Such a great doctor !! Love him ..
27 March at 4:09pm
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