He did my eye surgery 9 yrs ago and I have no REGRETS!!! I don't need contacts or glasses!!! Great Surgeon!!
2 October at 2:48pm
No more reading glasses. That'd be great!
7 October at 8:47am
Just finished my cataract surgery with Dr. Pepose... Fantastic! I had mono vision with reading lens in one eye and distance lens in other eye. Couldn't be happier. Had Lasik with Dr. Pepose 12+ years ago and that was great also. He's the man and his team is great!
9 October at 6:25pm
He did my eyes!!! He's awesome!!
13 October at 8:21pm
I got this done, very happy with the results
20 October at 7:22pm
That's where I went, about 10 years ago, and it was a GREAT decision!!!
9 January at 5:31pm
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