Amazing, I absolutely love it.
16 August at 8:03pm
We love, love Dr. Ballif. Amazing doctor and human being.
3 September at 8:02am
I Love my Inlay!
29 October at 3:50pm
He has been my ophthalmologist for years, I really like him and I have always really enjoyed his staff as well.
19 September at 6:24pm
The eye doctor I work for uses Utah Eye centers for our surgery patients!
11 February at 10:17pm
Wilcox is my eye Dr. Did my laser eye surgery and is keeping me from going blind. He's great.
4 March at 7:26pm
My sister had this done she loves it has 20/20 now
25 August at 5:30pm
Dr. Ballif did my surgery and let me tell you, at 27 years old, best money I ever spent! 6 years later and I almost forget what it was like before.
19 August at 10:16pm
Dr Bailliff is the best! He did my kamra inlay, I absolutely love not having to wear glasses....! I highly recommend him!
6 July at 6:38pm
I have the Kamra Inlay and I absolutely love it.
21 July at 7:25am
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