He just did my eye surgery he is the BEST
13 August at 8:32pm
I got my eyes done from him about 4 or 5 years ago and still seeing perfect. Best investment for my eyes.
27 August at 7:35pm
He did mine and did an amazing job now i can see
6 September at 12:09pm
Dr. Wang did an AMAZING job on my eyes. 20/900 to 20/15!!! I can't possibly say enough good things about this man! 💛
14 October at 11:15pm
I love Dr Wang and his staff.
12 August at 6:53pm
You get what you pay for. He is the best. No one touches my eyes but him.
1 November at 2:54pm
Have you or are you considering having this done? One of my son in laws had it done and loved the results
10 September at 5:53pm
I had it years ago like seeing the difference between night and day
20 October at 9:44pm
Had the surgery glad I did believe me it is simple
20 October at 9:52pm
Dr Wang did my surgery he is awesome!
21 October at 7:55am
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