Product Launch - Surgical Consultations Scheduled

Product Launch - Surgical Consultations Scheduled

The Helios Procedure

City: Nashville
Campaign: Cosmetic Surgery - Helios Procedure

Services Provided
  • Surgical Consultation Booking
  • Regional Seminar Promotion / Market Expansion
  • Creative Campaign Design
  • Comment and Online Reputation Management
Results highlights
  • Sold out all initial appointments in 48 hours.
  • Client performed the first procedure in Tennessee.
  • Booked over 260 appointments to date.
  • Average of 55 appointments booked per month.

The Objective

Specializing in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. DeLozier uses the Helios Laser Technique, which removes skin a little at a time, leaving new skin on top for a more youthful and rested appearance.

This technique is known for its use in internal medicine. This is a new procedure that the public was not aware of, and it would require some education to enable the successful sale of the fully elective procedure. Our role was to find the perfect candidates that understood the procedure was fully elective and were medically eligible for the surgery.

The Challenge
Dr Joseph DeLozier of DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center is now offering the Helios Laser Skin Resurfacing procedure, a treatment to reduce facial wrinkles in the brow area, around the eyes and around the mouth. This new open and laparoscopic J-Plasma hand piece with retractable cutting feature was commonly used for soft-tissue coagulation and cutting during surgery. It is formed by passing an inert gas, such as helium, over a uniquely designed blade and energizing the gas to a plasma stream. Dr DeLozoier has rebranded and modified the J-Plasma technique to Helios, a less invasive resurfacing procedure. In an over-crowded skin resurfacing market, Talkapolis would have to cut through the noise, educate and selling the fully elective procedure.
The Solution
Unlike most advertising and marketing agencies, Talkapolis uses geographically targeted community pages to broadcast content to a locally targeted audience. The majority of payment for use of our marketing program is then based on the results we achieve for a customer. Talkapolis used it's geographically targeted community pages to broadcast carefully-crafted creative content, such as videos and photos, to its TV-sized locally pinpointed audience. In this way, Talkapolis was able to deliver TV scale marketing for print cost, with meaningful results. Through our backend user dashboard we were able to measure and monitor multiple Facebook statistics in real time, allowing our us to know immediately to whom the content engaged with, and for how long.
The Results
Talkapolis launched the new products marketing campaign June 18th, 2015 selling out the available appointments in just 48 hours. The success has continued, booking over 275 appointments to date. Talkapolis currently books out the available appointment up to one month in advance, and is the only company in the southeast marketing the Helios procedure.

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