Monthly Seminar Results

Monthly Seminar Results

Laser Eye Surgeon

City: Nashville
Campaign: Wang Vision Institute

Services Provided
  • Regional seminar event promotion.
  • Local seminar promotion.
  • Hyper local event marketing
  • Paid for actual results -- per attendee
  • Geographic market expansion.
Results highlights
  • 85.9% Profit Efficiency
  • An average of 27 attendees per seminar
  • A Total of 240 attendees for the month of February
  • A 5% increase in profit efficiency from the previous month
  • 61% of attendees went on to book appointments.

The Objective

Our objective was to spread awareness of our client's product through the use of seminars. Our client, Dr. Ming Wang, came to each seminar to speak to people one on one- this melding of both face-to-face engagement with social media engagement has proven to be highly effective- 61% of all seminar attendees went on to book appointments.

The Challenge
In the medical practice, converting audience reach into booked appointments is a great challenge. Many audiences view medical procedures as a larger commitment than more traditional products, which can make it very difficult for local doctors to market themselves properly.
The Solution
The Talkapolis solution to such issues in the local market is both broad and highly focused. By utilizing our many locally-focused Facebook community pages, we're able to direct our marketing efforts to highly specified geographic locations. This allowed us to direct our audience's attention to Dr. Ming Wang's seminars in their areas, and generate excitement before the day of the seminar. This not only increased attendance, but primed our audience to our client's product.
The Results
This blending of the social media platform with face-to-face contact with the doctor allowed for an unprecedented level of brand confidence, contributing greatly to our 61% booking rate for the month. Nearly all seminar attendees were aware of the product before arriving at the seminar, and were excited by our client's seminar. Many who did not immediately book appointments ended up buying a copy of Dr. Ming Wang's debut autobiography, "From Darkness To Sight". With this model of marketing, we believe any doctor can achieve similar results in any locality.

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