Medical Device Regional Introduction and Presurgical Consultations Booked

Medical Device Regional Introduction and Presurgical Consultations Booked


City: Nashville
Campaign: Ophthalmology - KAMRA Inlay

Services Provided
  • Online Marketing.
  • Creative Campaign Design.
  • Network Distribution.
  • Social Comment and Online Reputation Management.
Results highlights
  • 150 consultations booked in first month.
  • Client performed the first procedure in Tennessee.
  • Increased clinic workflow and overall revenue.
  • Increased additional elective procedures.
  • Decreased traditional marketing costs by 60%.

The Objective

To market the new FDA Approved elective eye procedure, Kamra Inlay, to the Tennessee Community, and to facilitate the opportunity for our client, Dr. Ming Wang, Harvard & MIT (MD, magna cum laude); PhD (laser physics) to be the first to perform the newly FDA-approved procedure in the state.

The Challenge
Kamra Inlay, is an eye procedure approved by the FDA on April 18, 2015, it helps to treat presbyopia, a condition affecting aging eyes, involves implanting a ring into the cornea to produce a pinhole effect, enabling one to improve their near vision without compromising their distance vision. This is a new procedure that the public was not aware of and it would require some education to enable the successful sale of the fully elective procedure. Our client gave us a deadline of June 9th, 2015 for the first procedure to be completed. This gave us one month to find the perfect candidates that understood the procedure was fully elective and were medically eligible for the surgery.
The Solution
Talkapolis used its geographically targeted community pages to broadcast carefully-crafted creative content, such as videos and photos, to its TV-size geographically targeted audience. In this way, Talkapolis was able to deliver TV scale visibility for print cost, with meaningful results. Through our backend user dashboard we were able to measure and monitor multiple Facebook statistics in realtime, allowing for us to know immediately whom the content engaged with, and for how long.
The Results
Talkapolis launched the marketing campaign on May 7th, and by May 18th had booked 150 appointments for the procedure through the Talkapolis social media systems and the Talkapolis Network. On June 9th, our client Dr. Ming Wang, Harvard & MIT (MD, magna cum laude); PhD (laser physics), became the first to perform the newly FDA-approved procedure in the state, “3D Laser Kamra restores the range of vision and depth of focus for patients. It makes them feel young again because they could once again read without reading glasses.” Talkapolis excels at bringing a new product or service to the market and this was no exception. Talkapolis continues to be the sole marketer of the Kamra Inlay procedure in middle Tennessee.

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