Local Election

Local Election

Local Election

City: Nashville
Campaign: Mary Carolyn Roberts

Services Provided
  • Geographical Targeting
  • Research & Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Creative Campaign Design
  • Comment Management

The Objective

Our objective was to create and execute a social media strategy for Mary Carolyn Roberts, delivered through video content, that would secure her election to Metro Council.

The Challenge
The District 20 seat, representing West Nashville neighborhoods, came up from grabs because Councilman Buddy Baker hit his term limit. Mary Carolyn Roberts and Marisa Frank went head-to-head for the seat. Both runoff candidates live in The Nations. While Marisa Frank appealed to the millennials, Talkapolis needed to find a way to educate and motivate that demographic to vote for Mary Carolyn Roberts.
The Solution
To design and execute a video campaign specific to Facebook. We utilized the autoplay functionality and geographically targeted the key demographics identified. We carefully crafted the message with the help of Mary Carolyn Roberts and her team to place the content exactly where it needed to be. To this day when searching Mary Carolyn Roberts via Google, the Talkapolis campaign is still found on the first page of the Google results, this is a bi-product of the success achieved with video through Facebook.
The Results
In November of 2015 Mary Carolyn Roberts was elected to district 20 and became a member of the Metro council.

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