Generating Leads and Scheduling Consults for Dental Implants

Generating Leads and Scheduling Consults for Dental Implants

Cosmetic Dentist

City: Nashville
Campaign: Center for Advanced Dentistry

Services Provided
  • Consulting
  • Research & Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Online Booking
  • Brand Awareness
Results highlights
  • 140 sign ups in 40 days
  • Average of 3.5 new sign ups per day
  • Increase in practice volume
  • Overflow to other procedures

The Objective

To gain a local market share in the Implant Dentistry sector.

The Challenge
To launch an established product in an over-crowded market place.
The Solution
After a series of tests released into the local market, we elected to encourage consumer participation with a challenge. We kept it simple; can you guess which tooth is the implant?
The Results
The engagement was outstanding and immediate. Within hours of launching the 'Which Tooth' campaign the consumers not only began to sign up for a consultation, they began to share the campaign with their friends. Everyone wanted to guess which tooth was the implant! The campaign generated over 140 sign ups in just 40 days.

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