Talkapolis moves into the Western Michigan market.



Talkapolis moves into the Western Michigan market.




We are excited to announce Talkapolis has been chosen as the marketing lead to market the new FDA approved, elective eye procedure Kamra Inlay to the Western Michigan with Dr Michael Keil of Keil Laser Vision.

Centered in Nashville, Tennessee, Talkapolis has rapidly grown into 8 states and service clients with a need for: often elective, quality consultations such as Lawyers, Dentists and Plastic Surgeons. Ophthalmologists along with the KAMRA Inlay procedure, also fit our model perfectly.

Kamra Inlay, an eye procedure approved by the FDA on April 18, 2015, which helps to treat presbyopia, a condition affecting aging eyes, involves implanting a ring into the cornea to produce a pinhole effect, enabling one to improve their near vision without compromising their distance vision. The new elective eye procedure was approved on April 18, 2015. According to Dr. Ming Wang, Harvard & MIT (MD, magna cum laude); PhD (laser physics), who was the first to perform the newly FDA-approved procedure in Tennessee, “The KAMRA Inlay restores the range of vision and depth of focus for patients. It makes them feel young again because they could once again read without reading glasses.” Dr. Wang partnered with Talkapolis to market this new, never before heard of procedure to the Tennessee community. We launched the marketing campaign on May 7th and by May 18th, had booked 150 appointments for the procedure through the Talkapolis Platform.  


The early signs of success are present for the partnership between Talkapolis and Keil Laser Vision with 72 patients being booked in for a consultation in the first 30 days of the campaign running.  Dr Michael Kiel is unique in the fact that he does not offer Cataract or Refractive Lens Exchange surgery which narrows the marketing for the center but demonstrates our ability to target a segment of the market within the broader consumer base for elective eye procedures. Talkapolis uses geographically targeted community pages to broadcast content such as videos and photos to a TV size geographically targeted audience. In this way, Talkapolis is able to deliver TV scale for print cost. We are the only company who's backend user dashboard is able to measure multiple Facebook statistics in real time, allowing their customers to know immediately to whom they are engaged with and for how long.

Dr. Michael Keil and Keil Laser Center are 1 of 8 Ophthalmology centers Talkapolis now leads the marketing of KAMRA Inlay for.




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