TalkApolis Microcast ROI Trumps Network TV Advertising

TalkApolis recently performed a Return on Investment analysis comparison of a Microcast versus one of the current, most highly rated network TV shows. The analysis was done at the request of a company who was a Top 10 buyer of Scatter and Spot TV advertising in 2012.

The Microcast would be a 20-week, 24-minute show divided into three, eight-minute segments promoted to a custom-created Reach Group for the company. When the total views for the 20-week run and costs for the show were divided, the total CPM was $5.60.

On the other hand, a single 30-second spot on one of network television’s highest-rated primetime shows comes in at a CPM of $20.

TalkApolis Microcasts are disseminated into the social media news streams of the TalkApolis Reach Group and custom-created Reach Groups. When carefully implemented, a Microcast custom content campaign can have a reach and relative economies of scale rivaling network television.

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