TalkApolis Implements New Facebook functionality

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--March 6, 2013--In November 2012, Facebook updated the functionality and uses of the Like button. Through the use of Open Graph tags on, our shows in a user’s Facebook News Feed become equivalent to an actual Facebook page. When a user clicks a Like button, they are automatically connected to us. This allows TalkApolis to publish further updates to that user and grows our reach while also putting the content into that User’s friends’ News Feed.

TalkApolis uses its Reach Group to place our content directly into users’ social media news streams, and this new functionality increases the virality and sharability of our content.

Additionally, TalkApolis has added the ability for users to play our embedded video, another technical addition which allows users to watch shows with a single click from their Facebook News Stream.

Eugen Berekelea, TalkApolis Lead Programmer, said, “I used open graph tags using Facebook’s API. Everything was done according to Facebook documentation for developers. Users can now single-click to view our shows without leaving Facebook and our Like button connects us to them automatically.”

TalkApolis live video feeds are also pending within Twitter news streams and we will update here accordingly.


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Mark Dunn,