Talkapolis debuts Number 4 with a bullet

This is what we mean by customer acquisition through app store search. The theory is that building a good mobile app does not automatically get user adoption. Users can only adopt what they see and with thousands of apps flooding Google Play and Itunes App store its getting increasingly hard to be seen.

Numerous studies show users are finding apps -- and therefore content -- through app store searches. We've been approaching our submissions with this sort of "app store SEO" in mind and the results are in.

Talkapolis was submitted to Google Play on Sunday night. For the search term "Nashville Music" we come up number 8 out of 59. Better still is the number 4 (out of 34) for the search "Nashville News". Note that we're ahead of Channel 5 and The Tennessean. Given that just 6% of people's time is spent with newspapers and magazines vs. 23% for mobile the surprise is that the Tennessean comes up at all. Unfortunately print still gets 26% of the ad dollars spent in local areas (and nationally) because advertisers have not had viable alternatives.

We're trying to be a source for local advertisers to find an engaged audience and very happy to be number 4 on day 2.