TalkApolis Content - Not App-licable

Social reach is important and inherent in how TalkApolis gets content out and viewed. That said, what we have found is that having an “App” - iOS or
Android - is not App-licable.

What do we mean by that? Yes, we have iOS, Android, HTML5, and several other Apps that users may download to view our content. However nearly 70% of our
viewers are using mobile Safari on iOS. To put it simply they're seeing the video in their social media news stream, clicking and viewing without leaving the Facebook or Twitter client. No app is involved and we’re fine with that.

We’ve built our Reach Group and build Custom Reach Groups for others to primarily use social media news streams to disseminate our content, and we’re platform-
agnostic as to how, when, and where they view our Microcasts. The majority of our viewers get, and watch, our shows in their social media news streams
without the necessity of using any of our apps or anything outside of their stream. Optimizing the meta data for Facebook and Twitter cards is a time consuming , constantly evolving and therefore needs ongoing development. Making the content easy to consume is not as easy as it looks and much harder than building an app.

So, if you’re planning some super-cool new app for users to view or interact with your content be sure that's the right place to expend resources. .