Talkapolis on Apple TV?




Is it possible that you will see Talkapolis content on your TV ….? Yes, facebook are moving towards getting its hands on TV Ad budgets.  As technology moves forward and smart TV's become more prevalent (currently 52% of homes in the US) our access to more traditional consumers will broaden.

Our Content Management System was built to wrap around any third party provider for this very reason.

These are exciting times, for advertisers in this space. The truth is facebook’s current app platform is running out of room for Ads, even after a successful move across to their sister app Instagram.

Kurt Wagner and Peter Kafka of Recode reported late last year that Facebook will start delivering video ads on apps that run on set-top boxes like Apple TV and Roku through the company’s ad network. Facebook is partnering with two publishers, A+E and Tubi TV, and will deliver ads to people who watch videos on those apps, on actual television sets. Facebook says this is the beginning of a test, and that it hasn’t yet worked out many details, like ad formats and lengths. But it has the broad idea sketched out: It will use its Audience Network ad network to deliver ads to “over the top” video apps, just like it does to other publishers’ apps and websites on desktop browsers and mobile devices.

Video apps on set-top boxes often include advertising, but Facebook’s experiment brings the promise of much more targeted ads than most apps have used in the past.

That’s because Facebook can use the same targeting data that powers the rest of its advertising network to the set-top boxes, even though those apps aren’t directly connected to Facebook.

Using IP addresses, Facebook will be able to tell that the Apple TV in your basement is used by the same person — or at least the same family — that logs into Facebook accounts at the same place, and will use that data to deliver relevant ads.

So be on the lookout for our clients on your TV the minute we can get access to this new movement towards the more traditional consumer. These are exciting times.