Social Media Marketing Tips for Musicians

Being a musician in the heart of music city has it’s ups and downs. With so many people trying to break into the music business, I found myself thinking, how do I standout? How do I make people notice? 

With a growing number of platforms, social media has become the go to marketing tool for many musicians. Since working at Talkapolis, I’ve learned that it is much more than creating a post begging people to listen to your new song or watch your new video. There is so much research and technique that goes behind a successful online presence. It’s finding something people can relate to, or engage in, and posting at the right time. It’s finding the correct image to capture the audiences attention, being unique, and showing your personality. 

Social media has become a necessity for pretty much all businesses, but I am going to talk about music, because one, I live in Nashville, and two, that’s what I know. 

Here are some social media tips I have learned from Talkapolis, and some of my own experience as a musician. 


1. Humor is a great way to win over an audience. People love to laugh, and it helps to break that barrier between musician and fan, or producer and consumer. 

2. Another great way to capture an audience is by using an emotional pull. Recently my band and I were part of a very inspiring story on the road that we wanted to share. We shared it and people instantly related, and we received an amazing response and encouragement. 

3. A very important tip I learned from Talkapolis, is to make sure you engage your audience. Reply to comments, retweet, share and “like.” Your “fans” or audiences want to feel listened to, like they are a part of what you are doing.

4. Be creative. Find new fun ways to engage people. We recently started a band Snapchat and used it while on tour. It was a great way to make people feel like they were there experiencing the road with us. Think outside the box. 

5. Know your market, do your research, and target those markets. 

6. Find your strengths and use them. You may be funny, you may be great at poetry, or art, so use what you know, but don’t be afraid to try new things.  

7. Be consistent. Be straight forward. Tell people what they need to know. For example. If you have a show, or event coming up, and you also want to talk about the new song you wrote, or product you’ve thought of, don’t put them in the same post. Schedule them for different times, and include only the necessary information. 

8. Always have new content, and keep posting and making noise. 

9. Offer something in return. For example, “if you buy my CD today, we will include a free single,” or “come to my show and get a free hug.” 

10. Make it personal, and show your personality. Have fun with it!


Social media has the potential to take your business to the next level. Do your research, be creative, be innovative, and you will have an unbeatable online presence in no time.