Revenge of the Nerdapolis

This is a Nashville Scene article about a company started back in 2000 that was in many ways the intellectual precursor to Talkapolis.   Its a bit of Tennessee tech history that's been lost.

It was funded by Nextlec / ST3 which was partly responsible for the Gigabit connection they're so proud of  down in Chattangooga.  The company that's the subject of the article  had to change its name about 4 times because of frivolous lawsuits.  After the first year it was invited to exhibit its technology in the American Pavillion at the 2001 Cannes film festival.  

Later that year Nextlec got caught up in the implosion when the web buble burst.   Their business model was to become the 'video carrier of the internet'.  Nextlec had sucesffully raised money to lay new fiber even though there was at the time a surfeit of fiber.  Their proof there would be a need was by demonstrating the product we had created -- the subject of the Scene article. 

Even though it took 7 more years their prediction was right -- Netflix accounted for 20% of all bandwidth used on the net last year.