Podcasting vs Microcasting…What’s the Difference?

Nowadays, podcast is a pretty well-known word. But have you ever heard of a microcast? Probably not...but it's going to be a household word soon enough. They're pretty similar in many aspects, but have two huge differences.
A podcast is simply a digital audio/video file. They are typically done in episode form (most often weekly), are very informative (a how-to video, news video, or topical video), and can be watched online or downloaded onto your computer or smartphone. You can purchase them anywhere, such as the podcaster’s website or even iTunes…and there’s even an option to subscribe.
Now, a microcast is pretty similar in all of those respects. Yes, they’re a digital audio/video file done in episodic form with informative content and can be streamed online or downloaded onto a computer or smartphone.
BUT, there are two main differences between these words that I must share with you.
First, a podcast is made for the Internet (on a computer) and can be watched on a smartphone. A microcast is made for a smartphone and can be watched on the Internet (computer). This means that podcasters make their podcasts for a computer, while the phone is a secondary thought. But microcasters make their microcasts for a phone, while the computer is a secondary thought.
What’s the second huge difference? Think of everything that a podcast company is: Multiple shows with weekly episodes of Internet information; probably sponsored by many, countrywide companies; and comprised of a range of topics. Now, take all of that, and niche it down. (Is niche a verb? Well, now it is.)
A microcast company is much more focused and based by location. Here at TalkApolis, we are all things Nashville. Our speakers, guests, and music are all from Nashville. Our topics are all about Nashville. And our sponsors are all based out of Nashville. This niche-based idea is great for viewers and sponsors alike, but we’ll talk more about that in our next post!