MP3 Counts as a view. Right?

Through yesterday we'd not factored in MP3 downloads in our DVI statistics (downloads , views, impressions).

The number of MP3s was so low compared to videos (mp4) it seemed like a waste of time trying to calculate.

Our statistics are based on AWSTATs numbers coming from the server. The measure is a per file (episode) total monthly cumulative transfer. So if for instance if a 9 megabyte file is watched 1457 times from the first of October thru the 10th its cumulative transfer is 9 Gigabytes. (1 Gigabyte = 1000 megabytes). We are billed from our provider based on total transfer so the number is very serious. Its not up to the kind of theoretical maybe this or maybe that speculative discussions one can have over Neilson or Arbitron ratings. Its very precise.

I'd created a mathematical model that eliminated any file with a total transfer under 1 gigabyte simply so we could run spreadsheet formulas without having to calibrate for the different units. All files with over 1 gig of transfer were divided by their average per access transfer to derive DVI. This effectively eliminated the MP3s from our numbers. Take a look at the second graphic to understand why.

Anyway to make a long story short we're adding them back to the cumulative monthly totals. The mathematical change caused our DVI for October to climb by 10,000 overnight.

Talkapolis had almost 45,000 views on its content from October 1 thru October 10.