Leverage - the missing social media ingredient


Success rarely comes to people who go it alone. Successful people -- in business and life -- are usually those who can leverage the resources they have at their disposal. Whether you're a music artists or a small to medium size business you can leverage friends, family, community, business relationships, church groups, technology and employee knowledge to maximize your chances of success. The best ones are doing this all the time and often not aware that they're leveraging their resources.

Radio is a good example of leverage.  When artists and labels use the platform to promote they're leveraging the popularity  of fellow artists to make themselves heard for the first time or break a new song.

Television has leveraged the popularity of its content  to insert commercials and raise awareness for its advertisers products.

Print leverages the publications reputation and writer's creativity to aggregate audience attention.

So why is it that so many small to medium sized business struggling with social media trying to go it alone to build a following?  Many have full time staff -- often up to 3 people employed sending content out to the 200 to 600 likes they've managed to get on their Facebook page.  This is an example of how NOT to use leverage -- i.e. employ maximum work for minimum result.

Part of the problem is with the so called socia media gurus who in the words of Onboardly.com


 exaggerate wisdom or exploit the naiveté of those who follow [them].

And if you’ve met a self-proclaimed, social media guru, then you’ve probably witnessed this exaggeration of wisdom first hand. Basing their so-called expertise on a handful of case studies or success in personal branding, some of these gurus are over promising and under delivering. Never a good thing.


The gurus are a cadre of 'social media consultants'  and 'social media agencies" whose  bread and butter is in lowering expectations and then delivering on them.  They preach patience telling clients and potential clients there's something magical about social media that defies numbers.  They say things along the lines that its impossible to measure social media ROI but that if you don't pump money and resources into social -- through them --  you'll pay in the end.  Its like religion that way.

Its this lack of leverage that's causing  many business people to discount or ignore social media.  Its understandable and given the work required to move the dial even slightly using the go it alone mentality I understand the frustration.

Leverage can be introduced into the social media equation and will be required for small to medium sized businesses to see actual results from their hard won time and money.