Introducing Online Reputation Management in 2017


We are excited to announce that we will be offering full Online Reputation Management packages in 2017. Online Reputation Management (ORM) services are comprehensive, covering far more than our clients campaigns specifically . We are able to analyze, establish, protect and restore your brand's image online through a number of strategies.


Dr Ming Wang (founder and CEO Wang Vision Institute) has utilized the Talkapolis ORM service and has experienced first hand the impact it has had on his personal brand and business.

“One customer can make or break your online reputation.  ORM can have a huge impact on your personal success and that of your business; reputation management goes well beyond simply improving your search results. Working with a successful know-how world-class social media company such as Talkapolis is a must, for all physicians who want to achieve success in competitive medical practice in the 21st century.”

As a part of our current clients package, we already offer Online Comment Management specific to their campaigns.  TalkApolis has developed technology and processes that enable comment threads across all facebook pages that are relevant to the client, to be monitored and reported on. This is an integral part to maximising the campaigns over success.

All comments generated for the individual campaigns are targeted and monitored from a single management system where they can be monitored constantly ensuring any comments that are detrimental to the clients brand and to the campaign are hidden from the public's view in a systematic manner.

Online Reputation Management will take this a step further and is a key ingredient in today's online landscape. The TalkApolis systems are second to none. We are able to utilize keyword searches across the internet and will be then be notified via email the instant something is posted containing the words selected. We are then able to produce a full report and notify the client of any online reputation activity.

While the Talkapolis ORM service can help prevent negative situations from ever happening in the first place, the Talkapolis ORM service can also help restore your good name when things have gone wrong. We have the ability use the positive content captured from your online campaigns to overhaul your reputation and drive down negative information.


Reputation vs SEO

Reputation services are different than SEO services. SEO services normally focused on one site. The Talkapolis ORM service will focus on many sites and also deal with branded terms (terms about a person or company name) whereas SEO deals with product / service related terms, most of the time.

Removal of a search result often uses either legal tactics (expensive) or relationships (which we have, far less expensive). The cost also depends on whether something is being removed from the source, like a web page, or from Google search results. SEO firms don't normally do this, even though they say they perform reputation management. The costs involved with removal are based on where the negative content lives, who owns the site, and other factors. Most of the time a negative search result cannot be removed directly from the source or from search results, but sometimes it can.

Real reputation management is complex. Most times clients need a web of content created in a very specific way to move bad search results somewhere else. These types of campaigns take more time and more resources. A successful reputation management project may consist of development of hiqh-quality web properties, social media, well-written content that people find useful, search engine optimization including earned links, and more.

How we can help your business

It's important to have a clear view of your specific goals and building a brand is decidedly different from rescuing one from a online attacks from disgruntled patients or competitors Talkapolis will work with you to develop a defensive strategy.

We will customized a reputation or crisis management plan to meet your needs. Talkapolis can supply a unique analysis of your business's situation and design an approach that is suitable for your situation.

It’s always easier to handle a crisis situation if you've already been working with a company that offers a reputation management service, it means we can monitor your online reputation and act fast when the situation arises.

If you are interested in speaking with us about your online reputation contact me at