How an audience is built.

The attached graphic displays rows 68 through 75 of our DVI (Downloads | Views | Impressions) statistics read out. Its sorted by DVI number. What's interesting (and new now that we're counting MP3 listens in our DVI total) is the consistency of listens to Music Business Week. The amount of views is about 8 times the listens but they are all over the map from 6 times to 14 times the number shown here. Half of the episodes of Music Business Week so far (4 of 8 episodes) in October had 123 listens -- exactly. The time of day indicates they're probably people listening in their car or at work. Either way its an 'audio only' audience and not bad for a show that's less than 7 weeks old. Remember this is not inclusive of the full video views. We'll get more data on this soon.

If your ad agency suggests getting a sponsorship on a show like ours in the early stages of audience acquisition you should be glad you hired them. It's a smart move.