Football Fantasy has a big first week.

The first 4 days of Football Fantasy received over 5400 video views. The episode on Friday received 5200 for the long version and 228 for shorter version which is due to the lack of Facebook promo for the short version (maybe). Please watch the short version because the long one is 40 minutes and you'll get the info in the shorter one.

In a nutshell our format is to create an in house league and add the Titans as a team. We're unable to draft or trade for any Titans players but otherwise the rules are the same as regular fantasy football. check the standings here.

By the way my team beat Nanci Filipelli's -- our host. She was away and didn't have time to make last minute adjustments. I figured it out by watching some episodes of The League.

I think the numbers were propelled by Nanci and the incredible game the Titans had yesterday. Go Titans.