Facebook TV: Will people 'like' ads on Facebook?

From Social Media Today 

For brands, it also offers them the opportunity to match television advertising with real-time content their audience is pushing out onto Facebook. Running an ad on TV during the X-Factor for example is one thing, but being able to reach those people again on Facebook and deliver them the same ad, after they have posted a comment about how they loved the ad or even the programme is a different matter. This could give brands a unique opportunity to extend the reach of a TV based ad, and ensure that people are watching it.

Huh?  People are going to be posting comments about 'how they loved [an] ad'?   Really?  
Twitter and Facebook are an excellent measure of audience engagement but the data has to be minded from likes or hastags or similar.  Expecting people to actively post anything about advertising is fatuous.  
The whole article is an example of Social Media Punditry and as usual it misses the point .  The point being Facebook is aimed to knock network TV  down a few notches in the video  advertising to consumer battle which has not even begun to heat up.  Netflix and Amazon have paved the way for the social media giant to do the obvious -- offer entertainment video with advertising.  
And what is it that stops them exactly?  The biggest single problem for an online video offering is finding eyeballs or the destination site conundrum faced by  non video sites like Patch.com (AOL) and Google Plus (Google).  Neither Google nor AOL are going to change peoples mobile and online habbits enough to move the dial for advertisers.  To seriously offer ad supported TV you have to have eyballs first which Facebook has and needs to further monetize without spamifying the interface.   Free , ad supported , opt-in , network style series is their likely bet.
Facebook has been working very hard on thier video functionality which we've been observing  carefully and are willing to bet Facebook network TV is their most likely end game for video.