Facebook likes are our overnight ratings

Facebook likes are a sort of built in Nielson rating for Talkapolis.   The historical likes to views ratio has been constant.  We get 30 to 60 times the views as likes for an episode once its fully promoted.  It takes about 5 days for a published episode to wind its way through our system because we stagger the postings to the various pages.


For example the episode of Nashville Health and Beauty with Susannah Herring has recieved 94 content likes on our page and 3400 video views or 36 times views to likes.  


Facebook content likes are an instantaneious measurment of engagement.  Our views stats take several days to compile . The server logs are scanned once a day by the cloud hosting provider.  Over the next 2 days our statistic system syncs the data in the CMS.


During the first week of October 2013 we increased our reach to 140,000 in Middle TN.  The latest  promoted episode of Music Business Today has recieved over 800 likes on our content page and a few hundred scattered over the various Facebook pages in the reach group.