Facebook engagement and content views

Its stating the obvious but where there's audience engagement on Facebook we're getting across the board sustained viewing per episode over the course of its initial month.


The best example so far are the two  The Chromebar  episodes as they've had the most Youtube views in the initial publish / promo week. The attached image says it all.


We uploaded both parts of The Chromebar shoot at the same time and got around 80 Facebook likes for the episode (part 1 and 2 combined) in the first week (as of today).  This has translated into 4500 views on the website through Facebook plus another 1050 on Youtube (as of this post).  More people would like it if we had a way to expose the 'like' button on mobile.  Currenly all likes come from desktop and laptops which is about 10 percent of our total traffic.


The   views on Youtube have been the fastest we've ever seen and it directly correlates to the Facebook engagment in terms of likes and comments  seen in the image attached.