Facebook announcement of TV style ads doesn't address local businesses


The nutshell version is that Facebook's TV style ad product doesn't really address the businesses that depend on local TV. There are some that really need it to stay alive. We've put together a working platform to address the need. You can see some examples of businesses that need this on our sponsors page. They include auto dealers, dentists, lawyers, clothes stores, etc. Many of them absolutely require video style ads to thrive and have been struggling to get 400 Facebook followers in 3 years.  


TalkApolis platform designed to capture local TV ads.  


NASHVILLE, Tenn.--January 4, 2014-- TalkApolis, Inc  "microcasting" platform is targeting local TV ad dollars.  

Facebook announced plans in December to capture some of the estimated $70 billion national TV ad market  by placing video ads in users’ News Feed regardless of whether they’ve previously liked or followed the sponsor. Their plan does not serve the market for businesses relying  on local TV ads which is predicted to be $22.1 billion by 2017 by BIA/Kelsey. Where  Facebook focuses on national ads -- $50,000 per single spot and up -- TalkApolis Inc. is successfully targeting small and medium-sized business advertisers locally.  Its offering its platform  as a turnkey platform. for  local markets outside Nashville.   

TalkApolis developed software to manage posting to the Twitter and Facebook news streams of over 200,000 of the 1 million Nashville DMA and plans to increase to 320,000 area viewers in Q1 2014 -- 32% of total market.

TalkApolis programming is engaging, short-form video that plays natively in users’ Facebook and Twitter streams on mobile devices. Its The Entrepreneurial Mind was recently named among the 100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs by Forbes. The company also manages content on partner pages via its back-end system, which automates posting embedded video into both Twitter and Facebook streams. It schedules promotions for optimal effect and only posts into the feeds of users who’ve liked or followed a member of its reach groups which are comprised of high follow fan pages, individual pages and Twitter handles.  


TalkApolis is an SaaS platform and modular studio system. The company has successfully acquired large traditional local TV advertisers -- e.g. laser vein clinics, plastic surgeons, and auto dealers who have all but abandoned local print.    In addition, it’s developed business with advertisers who can’t afford the expense of producing commercials on local TV stations yet find local print to be ineffective for their brands.




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