Double elective procedures while halving the marketing budget

We've compiled the numbers for a single client during the period from July to January of last year.

The provider offers a range of products and services within his practice area and primarily used large print and TV media buys to drive new patient business.

The Talkapolis model is based on compensation for actual leads, office consultations and surgeries - for medical clients. While we generate huge numbers of 'uniques' , 'impressions' and 'views' our compensation is specifically not hinged to these old media metrics.

Decoupling our offerings from old media metrics streamlines the sales process. Product differentiation becomes obvious and requires less explanation and little up front risk. Who would ever expect a sales person from traditional media -- TV, print, radio, display -- to hinge payment on measurable sales numbers like office consultations?

The campaign started out as a series of local seminars. At the very end of December we added a system allowing patients to schedule online and self qualify by answering a brief questionnaire. This two week campaign resulted in 63 scheduled consultations with 85% showing up after two weeks. 90% of those showing up scheduled surgeries.

Our six month campaign results:

  • 780 Seminar attendees in 15 cities within 90 miles of Nashville
  • 65 consultations booked and scheduled during a single two week
  • 180 + office consultations,
  • 140+ actual surgeries priced from $5,000 to $12,000 base
  • 40 surgeries generated during single 2 week campaign in December. This was direct online lead capture -- no seminar.

Talkapolis content and campaigns are delivered two ways.

  • Google Video placed on relevant pages and returned in search results.
  • Our social media following of 500,000 locals from Bowling Green to Huntsville and Jackson to Cookeville.

The embedded video explains what we do fairly well.

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