Determine if microcasting is right for your situation.

First determine if your market is suitable.  You should be a resident and know the business topography of your target area.


See if your market is likely to support a standalone operation.


If the answer is yes to all three questions then your market area will easily support a Talkapolis Microcasting station.  Population size is important but the general business climate is also key to your ability to make sales in a given time period.  If unemployment is over 8% you have proceed with extreme caution in any new business.


Determine if you have the time and budget to build the business to break even.  Based on our projections you'll go up to 3 months before you'll reach break event.  Assume you will not be able to take any income from the business untill you're a month past the break even point.


If you can invest $25,000  and afford to go 4 months without paying yourself please contact us about a Talkapolis Microcasting Station for your area.   Also take a look at the brief video overview.